The company traces its history back to 2011. The main field of activity of the company is the development, production and distribution of modern disinfectants for the treatment of hands and premises, the production of cosmetic and perfumery products, household chemicals.

The plant provides fast production and timely delivery of products throughout the Russian Federation.

Valdai Cosmetics products are always of high quality and meet GMP standards. The company’s activities fully comply with all local and federal licensing requirements, as well as the requirements for monitoring the environment and working conditions. Monitoring of the quality of manufactured products is provided by our own research laboratory.

Our Capabilities


> 6 million units of products per month - production capacity of the enterprise


> 30 items - contract manufacturing


own production containers


operational warehouses in St. Petersburg and Sochi


bulk shipments from 1 pallet

The first resident of the priority development territory of TASED "Uglovka", Novgorod Region.

Licenses and certificates

History of the company

2011 y.
Foundation of the company. The enterprise specialized in the production of household chemicals.
2012 y.
Creation of a laboratory to analyze and assess the quality of the raw materials used and finished products.
2014 y.
The first experience of contract manufacturing of products.
2015 y.
Separation of a division and launch of its own production line for the production of containers.
2016 - 2017 y.y.
Development of contract manufacturing, production of cosmetic products and household chemicals for the largest Russian and international companies.
2018 y.
Creation of its own engineering center for the development of technological schemes for the production of perfumery and cosmetic products and household chemicals, on the basis of an existing laboratory.
16 march 2018 y.
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree ON ESTABLISHING THE TERRITORY OF ADVANCED SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT "CORNER". Valday Cosmetics LLC became the first resident of the new territory. In the course of the modernization, the production capacity of the enterprise was increased to 1.86 million units of products per year.
2019 y.
Expansion of the assortment line. Start of production of hand sanitizers and surface treatments.
2020 y.
Launch of a new line of antibacterial detergents. Installation and launch of a new production line for the production of containers for the company's own brands, as well as for the free sale of products.

Our approach

The goal of Valdai Cosmetics is to meet the requirements of buyers and customers as much as possible. Reducing the operating costs of the production process by concentrating all types of work in the production cycle in one organization.

Our strategy

The company’s development strategy assumes following modern global trends, searching for innovative solutions in the development and production of products, constantly improving the quality of its services and ensuring a high speed of order fulfillment.